Berte den 20 maj 2018

The Group

The group Bertegruppen AB consists of Berte Qvarn AB, SIA Glass AB and Berte Gård AB. All the companies are situated in Slöinge.

The platform of the group is Berte Qvarn, existing since medieval times. The family Stenström ownership can be tracked down with certainty as far as to 1569. In 1985, the oldest son, Anders, took over as managing director of the mill after his father, Olof. Rolf Frid is now the managing director of the mill.

Berte Gård is the farm, belonging to the mill by ancient tradition. Today, it stands as a sister company within the group organization and the managing director of the farm is Henrik Stenström, married into the family.

In 1962, the MD of the mill, Olof Stenström, started SIA Glass AB, then as a subsidiary company to the mill, but today a company of its own with Rolf Frid as CEO since 2007, former CFO and vice president of BERTEGRUPPEN AB and SIA Glass AB.

Together with the BERTEBOS Foundation, the two brothers Gudmund and Per Stenström and their brother Anders three children stand as owners of the group.